Key System Features

monitoring subsystem image

The basic design principle of 10KNOIMS is:

  • It uses each phase’s voltage and current data, collected every five minutes from the distribution network’s publictransformer and special transformer via CDCS.
  • Then the system will finish all analysis and calculation in the shortest possible time, assess voltage dips of 10KV lines through logical reasoning, and create reports via the world wide web. The analysis results can be relayed togeographical information system for intelligent command correction.

The system implements monitoring on distribution networksASHRAE 62.1with software alone. It explores current resources, saves much capital investment, eliminates on-site labor-intensive maintenance, and greatly improves the overall management of the distribution network operation.


Function Module

function module


System Functions

With the use of CDCS data, 10KVNOIMS can perform transformer three-phase imbalance assessment, transformer overload and under-voltage assessment, and lines and transformer voltage-dip assessment.  It automatically generates both real-time and historical diagrams like three-phase imbalance curves, voltage curves, current curves, overload curves, and many others. The diagrams vividly show the changes in monitored objects and activity, all of which offer executives the opportunity to make informed decisions.


Every five minutes, 10KVNOIMS monitors the abnormalities, including transformer three-phase imbalance, overload,voltage dips, overvoltage, under-voltage, main line voltage dips, branch and sub-line voltage dips, and detectingabnormal activities in  unused transformers.

abnormality monitoring

  •  Real-Time Curve

The 10KVNOIMS subsystem displays real-time changes in voltage, current, three-phase imbalance, and overloads of each substation automatically generated diagram curves.

  • Inquiry and Analysis

The 10KVNOIMS can inquire and analyze the three-phase imbalance, overloads, voltage dips, under-voltage, and other transformer abnormalities and can differentiate and classify them according to date, transformer, or types of abnormalities.

  • System Maintenance

The 10KVNOIMS subsystem maintains basic settings, input and output of data, data maintenance, and use rmanagement.

The 10KNOIMS is safe, reliable, and plays a key role in the improvement of electrical supply services. In recent years, with the development of electricity distribution networks in cities and rural areas, 10K lines have become more and more complicated.Traditional distribution network systems generally installs the monitoring equipment on the switches, on the main lines, branch lines, and distribution transformers. Such systems’ communication modes often use optical fiber or GPRS. The investment in such traditional systems is large, and the construction is complex.  Maintenance is difficult and costly. Because the monitoring systems are not real-time, the equipment quickly becomes useless.

distribution transformer

FXXC has innovated distribution and operation monitoring. Without investment in extra hardware, data resources from CDCS can achieve real-time monitoring and analysis network operation. In addition, this software application will enable reporting results of abnormalities to relative departments and people.