In September, 2011; BXC and the ECG signed an agreement for ten years where BXC shall engage in System Loss Reduction in the Teshie and Bortianor areas; the commercial aim of which was to share proportional losses recovered by the project while technically improving the infrastructure and deploying more modern systems of power distribution management.

Aiming to reduce the losses, BXC cooperated with ECG quite well. Currently, the outcome of the project is been very good, However, both of BXC and ECG agree that there are challenges, which demands greater  BXC and ECG coordination in order to minimize the losses and maximize the proceeds.


The total number of metres in the capital of Ghana, Accra- where the operational areas are located is 450,000. According to the survey from ECG, Accra mainly consists of industrial and domestic customers. While, 30% of these 450,000 meters are industrial, 70% are domestic. In others words, the proportion between the industrial and the domestic metres or consumers is 3:7. The table below however indicates the number of transformers and metres that were located and subjected to BXC’s measures in the project.

Project District Complete transformers Meters no.
TESHIE 207 47087
BORTIANOR 412 83084
Total 619 130171
Our ten year contract with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) worth $170 million is essentially to reduce distribution system losses (both commercial and technical losses).  This involves the replacement of 450000 meters in Accra West region and any other region to be assigned by the ECG and network Improvement of the distribution network to address technical losses.