FXXC’s Technology Progress Highlights

Beijing Fuxing Xiaocheng Electronic Technology Stock Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. FXXC is a high-tech, state-of-the art enterprise specializing in integrated circuit research and design. We are driven by the need to produce and supply long-lasting,quality, cost-effective products on demand, products that honor intellectual property rights and meld human innovation and creativity with cutting-edge, government-approved technology. We believe in  creativity, and innovation.

March 2000

PL2000, the first special-purpose chip for power line carrier communication, was born.  The PL2000 answered a critical electricgrid need in China. As an independent intellectual property rights’ invention, PL2000sales reached 100,000 pieces. The PL2000 series chips were also envisioned in 2000.


Seven PL2000 dedicated chips and the trendsetting PL21X series were successfully developed and launched. These chips’ 100,000 gates were groundbreaking additions to the State Grid.


The PL3105 chip, with its noteworthy 600,000 gates, was unveiled and began production.

2004 to 2005

The innovative PL3223 chip was applied to three-phase multifunctional digital electric meters. The XC2023, a highly accurate relay driver chip was developed, inaugurated, and began production. The innovative SOC-PL3201 chip was applied to single-phase multifunctional PLC meters. The SOC-PL3000 chip debuted its application to single-phase multifunctional digital electric meters.


The PL3106, designed for the smart meters’   (celebrity dresses), was completed and presented a significant system solution in a complex application.


The special purpose chip-PL2200 with its narrowband BPSK technology was finalized. The PL2200 transmits data in specifiedcurrent and voltage to alleviate low SNR in the State Grid; it thereby delivers highly successful communication rates.


The PL2301 was created, its interference-resistance design complements the complicated electric grid environment and meet customers’ varied requirements.


The PL3101, a special-purpose multifunctional chip for single-phase metering, was developed in 2010 and has now been applied in smart meters and industrial control systems.